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Bazaar Stall or Booth Owners

Hi Bazaar Stall or Booth Owner,

Taking part in a Bazaar can be very lucrative. Not only that, it helps you brand your business, too.

‘BRANDING’ builds loyal customer base and brings long term profits in many years to come.

Many businesses I know today started small as a bazaar participant. Today, they are well known in the industry they are in. We want to deal with someone who is well known and will be here for long term, don’t we?


If you would like to be informed of future bazaar, please provide us your information in the form below.

On the other hand…

if you are taking part in any existing or ‘coming soon’ bazaar anywhere in Singapore, we can help you announce your stall/booth on our site and also to our subscribers who are eager to know when and where they can have good bargains.

If you need us to ‘broadcast’ your stall/booth, please contact us here

Thank you!