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If you are a bazaar organiser, you need to promote your existing bazaar you have just launched. As for the 'coming soon' bazaar, you want to invite businesses to take part in it.

If you are a vendor, stall or booth owner, you would naturally like to be informed of future bazaars. Or, if you are already taking part in any existing or ’coming soon’ bazaar anywhere in Singapore, we can help you announce your stall/booth on our site and also to our subscribers who are eager to know when and where they can have good bargains.

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If you love to shop at bazaars, we update you of existing or future bazaars. Please join our mailing list to be kept informed.

BTW, FYI, we are constantly ‘bargaining’ with many bazaar stall or booth owners to offer some special rates or discount, etc, to our subscribers like you.

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